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Run Your Life with April Holmes

Greatness takes time! As we embark on a journey of laps together in an effort to light our flames of greatness, awaken that joy, and ignite our passions, it ultimately comes down to how you RUN YOUR LIFE. Are you doing what matters most in your life? Are you living up to your full potential? What changes can you make to increase the probability of you crossing the finish line of success?

What do I know about success? I have lived it as a professional track and field athlete with several world records, gold medals and accomplishments to my name. I still live with the mindset of greatness...that's all I know!

With my coaching clients and some of our greatest leaders in the world, I constantly coach a championship mindset. There are many great rituals that athletes learn to improve their likelihood of greatness. Each week you'll be challenged, motivated, driven, questioned, declaring, and answering questions about YOU! How will you respond?

It's your turn to win now, Torchbearer! You have stood by and cheered, congratulated, and even questioned the success of others. It's your turn now. Only if you are committed to RUN YOUR LIFE!

Mar 1, 2018

Oftentimes we reside in a place of mental instability that doesn't reflect our dreams, greatness or potential. How much longer are we going to allow ourselves to be there? Why do we continue to build and stay in negative places? It's time for us to take residency in happiness, positivity, unlimited growth potential,...

Feb 2, 2018

Your value is your legacy! Too many of us are walking around with a money suit on the outside, and yet don't value ourselves on the inside. Aim higher, demand better, pursue greatness, ask for more...YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

Jan 24, 2018

Pain typically changes people. Will the pain and discomfort you currently feel, be enough for your to make the change you need? Your conscience is trying to remind you of your great potential, enlighten you of your purpose and move you out of your comfort zone. Nightmares are meant to disrupt your sleep...WAKE UP,...

Jan 23, 2018

Winning the moment and seizing the day requires great visualization on your behalf. It's time you step into your dreams and imagine yourself there. That momentary feeling of success will fuel your desire during moments of doubt, fear, pain, and frustration. You need that physical, mental, or emotional reminder to...

Jun 23, 2016

I hope you reach for the mountain top instead of spending all your life fighting the climb to success. There is a great joy that comes with watching people state their dreams then stand in the fire and fight for it. If no one else is cheering for you, then cheer for yourself. I hope you dance!